What is “GigaLaw”?

The word “GigaLaw” is not in any dictionary, but it is a widely recognized phrase coined by attorney Doug Isenberg that signifies intellectual property, technology and Internet law.

Literally, “giga” is a prefix that means 1 billion; it is commonly used to describe the capacity of high-tech devices — such as the speed of computer processors (“gigahertz”) or the storage capacity of computer hard drives (“gigabytes”).

Isenberg created the term “GigaLaw” in 2000 when he launched the award-winning website known simply as GigaLaw.com. Since then, Isenberg has written a highly praised book titled The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law (published by Random House) and launched The GigaLaw Firm, a law firm that provides legal services to clients with intellectual property, technology and Internet legal needs.

Isenberg’s original use of the word “GigaLaw” is protected by a federal trademark registration in the United States (Reg. No. 2,451,901).